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How to Plan a Pickleball Getaway

More than 36.5 million people played pickleball from August 2021 to August 2022, according to the Association of Pickleball Professionals. Are you a pickleball enthusiast looking for the perfect venue for an event? Look no further. The beautiful grounds of our Texas Hill Country retreat provide the perfect backdrop for your tournament, round-robin, or getaway. Our location, which is just west of Austin, provides a tranquil, safe, and private location to enjoy pickleball. Here are a few tips on how to plan a successful pickleball event at our venue.

Pay Attention to Numbers

First, you need to consider how many players you’re expecting. Planning an event with our venue can be a wonderful experience, but numbers matter. You’ll need to contact our team to discuss the maximum number of players we can accommodate at your event.

The number of players will also matter when it comes to how many directors and game day volunteers you will need. For instance, a tournament that has fewer than 100 players can suffice with two directors and a handful of game-day volunteers to handle minor details.

Carefully Consider Scheduling

Our Texas Hill Country retreat is a popular location for many different types of events, including family reunions, weddings, parties, corporate events, and other special days. Making reservations in advance will ensure that you get the venue booked for your tournament on the day you want. Our scheduling team can work with you to find a day that works if your original date is not available.

When planning a pickleball event, you’ll need time to book the venue, create marketing materials, and advertise the event to participants. You should start planning your event months in advance to ensure you can cover all of these bases in time.

Consider the Cost

These types of events do require a budget. Not only will you need to consider the cost of the venue, but there could be other costs associated as well. These will need to be estimated ahead of time so that you can plan for how to pay for the event. Many pickleball events will have an entrance fee that can help to offset expenses.

If you are looking for a venue for your Texas pickleball event, please contact Camp David Retreat today. We would love to help you plan a fun day full of memories and a little healthy competition.

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