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April 8th Eclipse Viewing in Dripping Spring, TX at Camp David Retreat

Prepare for an awe-inspiring celestial event as Camp David becomes the perfect stage for the grand theater in the sky. Join us on the weekend of April 8th at Camp David Retreat for a front-row seat to witness a total solar eclipse. If you haven’t booked lodging yet for the eclipse, fear not, Camp David is the ultimate destination for eclipse enthusiasts.

Secure your spot for this celestial event at Camp David Retreat and enjoy a 10% discount on your booking when you reserve a minimum 3-night stay. Use code: Eclipse10

Experts and those who have been through a total solar eclipse say it is like nothing you've ever experienced!


Prime Viewing Location: A Celestial Theater at Your Doorstep 🌌

Nestled in a serene setting, Camp David offers an unparalleled vantage point for viewing the total solar eclipse. Far from the city lights and surrounded by nature, experience the celestial theater as the moon gracefully obscures the sun, casting a shadow over the landscape. The unobstructed views from Camp David promise an immersive and unforgettable spectacle.

Dripping Springs and Camp David Retreat will be in total darkness for over 3 minutes! Planets, stars, and the corona are visible and our awesome telescope will be available for guests to use during the eclipse!

Stargazing Nights: Extend the Magic Beyond the Eclipse 🌌

The celestial wonders don't end with the eclipse. Camp David provides the ideal environment for stargazing, with minimal light pollution allowing you to marvel at the night sky in all its glory. Guests will be allowed to use our onsite telescope to explore the galaxies, planets, and constellations that adorn the canvas above.

Camp David Retreat invites you to be a part of a celestial extravaganza on April 8th. The prime viewing location in the totality at Camp David Retreat promises an unforgettable experience. Pack your bags, bring your curiosity, and join us for a celestial adventure that will leave you with memories etched in the tapestry of the cosmos.

Act fast to secure your spot for the eclipse!

Ready to make lasting memories under the stars? Click below to book your exclusive eclipse experience now. And, don’t forget, we can sleep up to 28 people! Camp David: Your Gateway to the Stars! 🌟🌒 Use code:eclipse10 for 10%off your stay!

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